Today’s Information Technology (IT) industry is one of the fastest growing in history. As automation takes center stage, software engineers, data scientists and programmers are being hired in record numbers. Automation aside, big data is also changing the scope of how companies approach advertising, business processes and decision making. As a result, career seekers with a data science course in their background and the proper skills are reaping the rewards. If you’re considering a career in IT, here’s a quick look at six of the best paying jobs in this sector.

1) Data Scientist

  • Salary Range: $116,000-$163,500

A data scientist is at the top of this list. These data culling experts can make $160k or more per year. A leadership position, they head a team of data miners and analysts helping to create and integrate new algorithms while streamlining predictive modeling. A data scientist helps companies convert big data into usable charts, graphs, models and insights to improve operations and decision making across the board.

2) Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Salary Range: $118,000-$171,500

A business intelligence analyst can earn more than $170k per year and is tasked with analyzing and deciphering big data at a company to create usable reports. This data is often converted into visualization scales and models that are relied on by the top-level executives to make important business decisions. They also keep companies informed of trends, patterns and efficiency-improving endeavors that can be integrated into the corporate model.

3) Database Manager

  • Salary Range: $122,250-$177,000

A database manager is paid a handsome salary that can often exceed $150k per year. As the manager of the company’s data troves, they are responsible for assessing risk, securing the database, ensuring proper maintenance and procuring modernization. Typically, they work alongside a team of other IT experts to help expedite their workflow.

4) Data Warehouse Manager

  • Salary Range: $129,000-$179,000

Data warehouses are much like they’d seem to be: Large storage areas where pools of data are securely housed and accessed in real-time. But these intricate server arrays require a dedicated team of IT professionals to maintain, safeguard and update. A data warehouse manager heads this team of elitists and works alongside other IT professionals to ensure company data efficiency, accessibility and security.

5) Data Architect

  • Salary Range: $131,250-$184,000

A typical data architect can make over $180k per year; it’s one of the most sought-after data science positions on the market due to its lucrative pay grade. These IT experts specialize in efficiency models for procuring, culling, storing, safeguarding and creating usable models from corporate data troves. In many cases, this job position comes with an executive title of some sort and managerial duties for a team of IT underlings.

6) Big Data Engineer

  • Salary Range: $135,000-$196,000

Big data engineers can earn as much as $200k per year. Such a healthy salary comes with serious job duties, though. These experts are tasked with analyzing data and creating and integrating proficiency and flow models that help streamline data access and usability. They also manage the teams that warehouse the data and analyze it—while using their skillsets and oversight to improve efficiency, increase security and improve company processes overall.

As you can see, a career that has a data science course background is very sought after. In fact, a recent MarketWatch report finds that the No. 1 job in America is a data science related career position. If you’re looking for a career change, make sure you consider the necessary education levels you’ll need under your belt first. With the right credentials, you can break into an IT career that offers lucrative pay and desirable benefits.