For a lot of folks, working from home seems like a dream come true. After all, you get to set your own schedule, hours, and rate…what could be better than that? However, while so many think this is only a pipedream, with a little bit of hustle and persistence, you can get it done too. That’s why I’m giving you a few suggestions for jobs you can get started on. Check them out below:

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Online Tutoring

Whether you recently graduated or are still in school, taking on online tutoring can be an excellent route to making some extra cash. No matter if your specialty is giving feedback on an essay or accounting homework help, online tutoring is a practice you can do on your time, with pay that’s competitive to other independent routes. And if you’re looking to get involved, there are plenty of avenues you could go.

First and foremost, check out some online platforms like Studypool, as well as some online forums on homework help. Try to start out with subjects that you’re comfortable with, getting used to the process of going back and forth online. All-in-all, this is one opportunity you don’t want to shy away from, especially if academics is your strong suit.

Social Media Marketing

Another excellent opportunity to work remotely is with social media marketing. Although this goes way beyond just posting, but being able to construct a schedule/campaign, tone, voice, Facebook ads, and even tracking analytics. However, with a little bit of studying, you too can pursue social media marketing with ease.

Start familiarizing yourself with how the different platforms work. Additionally, learn about engagement and how to maximize a following. It might not be a bad strategy to do some reading up on social networks, as well as talk to people familiar with them. And finally, when searching for social gigs remotely, start small with startups and small businesses, focusing more on daily management rather than entire campaigns.

Life Coach

If you’ve ever been lauded by your peers for being someone that helps guide them to success, then perhaps taking up life coaching is for you. Granted, there are going to be certain instances that you might want to hand off to a professional (such as if someone needs drug rehab) but overall, this is a smart way to pull in a little extra cash.

Look at how you can potentially create a brand around your advice, and what services you would offer. Try to have this be specific to what you genuinely feel comfortable with, as word-of-mouth is going to be everything to your inbound efforts. Overall, if you’ve been successful and can relay to others how to be the same, then life coaching might not be a bad gig.


For those of you with a talent for writing, blogging for either yourself or another company could be the perfect solution to start working remotely. While you might be thinking that it’ll be tough to land a writing job, there’s actually a much higher demand amongst businesses to bring a freelancer on than you might imagine. In fact, according to Hubspot, 53% of marketers believe that content creation is their top inbound priority. And if you have a specialty in an industry, this just might be the ideal opportunity for you.

To begin, look at what industries you find fascinating writing for. As this is something you’re going to be doing practically every day, having a knowledge base and level of comfort with the topics at hand will only serve you best in the long run. Additionally, try to find companies that have at least $1 million in revenue or funding. Since writing isn’t cheap, you need to find people that are willing to pay up for this service. Because while everyone might believe having a blog or content is important, not all of them are going to pay what you’re worth.

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Perhaps one of the most lucrative options on this list, becoming a web or software developer is the ideal position if you’re not only looking to work remotely, but start your own business as well. As noted by US News and World Report, even entry-level developers can make some serious cash, with the bottom 25% averaging around $75,160. And if you’re interested in learning the ropes, sites like Codeacademy or Treehouse can be excellent places to start learning.

Check and see what type of language you possibly want to learn, including if you have any interest in developing apps or other products. Approaching this early on will ultimately be what determines both what types of projects you’ll eventually be working on, as well as your pay scale. Overall, if you think you’ve got the chops, coding is a surefire bet to gain a solid income while working on your own.

What are some ways you’ve considered working remotely? Comment with your answers below!