Throughout the winter months, it is critical to monitor your roof and look for any problems that can be significant to the condition of your home, especially if it is not appropriately treated. Below are five of the common winter roofing problems that homeowners experience in the winter months due to the weather conditions.

Unwanted Condensation and Moisture

In the winter months, your home is warm, but the snow, ice, and rain falling onto your roof are cooler. This blend of temperatures creates a layer of moisture or condensation when can be damaging to the surface of homes. If your roof is not properly insulated, then shingles will deteriorate, as well as the structure of the roof decking. Roof damages over time can continue damage to the interior of your home if not found and treated by roofing contractors.

Ice Dams

Throughout the winter, expect the snow layer to pack on your roof. The daylight hours have the ability to melt the snow, but if the melting snow meets a roof with clogged gutters, the water will not flow, and an ice dam will develop the next time the temperatures fall below the freezing point. Ice dams can cause shingles to fall from the roof, and roof deck damage develops when the water not having anywhere to drain.

Flashing Leaks

Because many homes enjoy a sloped roof, they also enjoy the metal strips places along the edges of the roof and any other roof structure to maintain water damage. Unfortunately, should a winter storm develop with flash rain or snow, these metal pieces can be forced from their positions, and cause leaks throughout the home. Once a storm ceases, you should quickly check on these pieces and ensure they are still in place around your roof and chimneys. If not, roofing contractors are available to fix these metal strips.


Another result of a clogged gutter is the icicle that is a secret threat despite its appealing appearance. Created throughout a variety of temperature changes in the day and night, these icicles can be dangerous. As they grow,  their weight begins to cause stress on the roof and gutters, causing a domino effect of damages with water/snow drainage. The stress placed on the gutters by their weight can also encourage ice dams, furthering roof damage.

Tree Limbs

In the winter months, tree limbs find themselves accumulating more on the rooftops, as the snow and ice cause them to break and fall. When tree limbs fall onto your roof, they can damage the protective layer, and expose your home to interior damages from the elements.

Have Your Roof Maintained Today

In order to properly prevent these problems, roofing contractors can maintain your roof and prepare it for the winter months. If you need assistance, Vertex Roofing will be happy to assist. Our company extends 15 years of service and offer free estimates within 24 hours of your inquiry.  We provide a special financing option for our clients.