It might seem simple to dress your flower girl for your wedding. But finding a flower girl dress can take just as much effort as choosing your wedding gown and your bridesmaid dresses. After all, this special girl’s dress needs to match the look of your wedding style and your bridal gown. If you’ll be wearing an ivory wedding gown, it’s a good idea to choose a flower girl dress in ivory to match. Nonetheless, ivory flower girl dresses come in many styles and materials. Consider these factors when choosing the perfect girl’s dress.

Dress Style

Most flower girl dresses come in pretty A-line silhouettes that are fitted at the top and flow out into a full skirt. Nonetheless, these A-line dresses can range from having a skirt that’s more form-fitting to ones with an extra-full skirt fit for a princess. Some dresses come with sleeves or straps while others are strapless. You’ll also find different design styles in the bodice, neckline and skirt. For instance, the skirt could be layered, bunched, tapered or pleated.

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Flower girl dresses come in an array of materials, which is perfect for matching the material of your wedding dress. Some of the gorgeous dress fabrics you’ll find are satin, crinoline, organza, silk, embroidered mesh, tulle and lace. Some dresses include a combination of materials such as a satin dress with layers of tulle or lace on top.


Another consideration that’s easy to overlook is which dress length to choose. You may want to match the length to the type of wedding, such as a daytime or evening wedding, or you may simply have a length preference in mind. Ivory flower girl dresses come in a range of lengths that go from full length up to ankle length, tea length and knee length.


Finally, look at the different ways flower girl dresses are accessorized. In addition to the embroidery and lace many dresses include, you’ll find accents that add to the appearance and create a certain style. Many dresses come with a pretty sash that separates the bodice of the dress from the skirt. Some of these sashes are decorated with a bow, a brooch, a fabric flower or beading. Some include a pop of color that enhances the ivory of the dress. Some dresses feature a stunning ribbon trim along the hemline.

Make sure you give yourself time to pick out ivory flower girl dresses that perfectly fit your wedding. Think about the style and materials that will play a role in your wedding, and browse through flower girl dress styles, materials, lengths and accessories to find just the right fit.