Even in the age of hi-tech gadgets and smartphones, a good watch is considered as an essential part of a women’s wardrobe. The watches for women are not only a timepiece that is intended to be worn on the hand. It is fashion statement which compliments her personality. The woman considers the watch as a valuable possession and gives great importance to it.  A wristwatch is designed to be specifically worn around the wrist. It mostly consists of two important parts; the face and the band. The face of the watch consists of the case which houses the movement, the dial and the hands. The band of the watch can be made of metal, leather or canvas. Since the women consider the watch very important, they put in a lot of effort in selecting the right one for them. If you wish to buy a beautiful timepiece for you or gift to someone special, please log in to our website at gofynd.com. We have a huge collection of many categories of watches. In this write-up, the three different types of watches which every woman should own would be briefly discussed.

  • Analogue Display Watches

This is oldest and the original type of watch. Here the display consists of the hour numbers and the hands of the watch. The hour numbers can be mentioned either in traditional numbers or in Roman numerals. Generally, the analogue watch has two hands, the hour hand and the minute hand. In some watches, the second hand may also be present. For those women who are sick of being surrounded by digital screens all around them, the analogue watch offers a welcome break. Not only the dial looks more elegant and sophisticated in an analogue watch, it also helps our brain to function in this highly digital world.

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One important thing to keep in mind is that the word analogue is specifically intended to describe the display of the watch. It does not have anything to do with the technology involved in timekeeping. Many popular brands like Fossil, Michael Kors, Laurel, Walrus, etc have a huge collection of analogue watches.

  • Digital Display watch

In a digital display watch, the time is displayed in the form of digits on the LCD screen. This is currently the most affordable group of watches thanks to the mass production of LCDs. Casio G-Shock is one of the most popular watchesin the digital category and almost all teenagers have used one in some stages of their life.

The digital display watches have many advantages over the analogue ones. Here it is much easy to tell the time. The digital watch accurately displays the time on its face even till the exact second. There is no need to figure out the positions of the hour hand and the minute hand to register the time. This is particularly helpful where you cannot afford to spend any time in determining the positions of the hands of a watch, like in the examination hall or in a car race, where every second matters a lot. Moreover, it also has an AM/PM indicator. Most of the digital display watches also have a built-in backlight, which helps to register the time even in the dark. The light can be activated simply with the push of a button on the side of the watch. This property makes a digital watch a true out-door watch. The popular brands which develop the digital watches are Casio, Skmei, Sonata, Q&Q, etc.

  • Smart Watch

A smartwatch is a special type of computerised watch whose function goes far beyond time-keeping. Samsung gear and Apple Watch are popular brands of this category. The earlier models were enabled with functions like calculations, translations, etc. The modern ones feature full mobile capability like receiving calls, reading SMS,etc. They are popularly known as watch phones.

The above are the 3 types of watches which every woman desire to have in their wardrobe. If you wish to own one, visit our website at gofynd.com.